Commonly Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the HHRC?

The Hamtramck Human Relations Commission(HHRC) was established to promote mutual understanding and respect for multi-culturalism and diversity, advocate for peace and justice and encourage tolerance and constructive communication in order to develop a functional, safe and harmonious community.  The Commission will work to safeguard equal opportunity, overcome divisiveness, violence and all forms of discrimination against people for reasons including nationality, religion, race, class, physical and mental disability, gender, martial status and sexual orientation.

How many seats comprise the HHRC?

Per the ordinance (Ord. 507, October 2004) establishing the HHRC, the commission allows for 12 commissioners total; 6 Mayoral appointed commissioners and 6 Council appointed commissioners.

How long are term appointments?

In general, commissioners are appointed to a three-year term.  


Unexpired terms vacated as a result of a commissioners death, resignation, or termination will be filled by the respective authority (mayor or council) through the appointment of a successor for the remainder of the term (less than 3 years). 

How are commissioners appointed?

Commissioners are appointed by either the Mayor or City Council depending on whether the interested candidate is seeking to fill a Mayoral or City Council seat.

Potential candidates can also be nominated by the active members of the Commission and the name(s) of the nominee(s) shall be forwarded to the Mayor/Council for appointment consideration.

What are the qualifications?

Members of the HHRC, as nearly as possible, shall be representative of the various racial, religious, national, cultural, labor, business and ethnic groups of the city.  


Additionally, those interested should support the work and purpose of the commission as identified within Ordinance 507.

Do I get compensated if I become a commissioner?

No, the members of the HHRC shall serve without compensation.

What are the time commitments as commissioner?

Time commitments vary month-to-month, year-to-year, commissioners officer status, and other things.


Generally speaking, the commission meets monthly for regular meetings. Regular meetings typically last 1-3 hours, are predetermined for the entire year, and the meetings schedule is made available for the general public.


In addition to attending HHRC meetings, commissioners are expected in contributing to the Commissions work via completion of tasks outside of commission meetings, participate at events, etc. Tasks for completion are disbursed based on commissioners personal availability, interest in the particular task, etc.


Also, if a commissioner has accepted an officer position (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, etc) they will have specific duties that may require an additional time commitment.


In general, commissioners (non-officers) should expect a minimum time commitment of 1-3 hours each month for the majority of the year.  For months where the Commission is actively working on projects, events, initiatives, etc, commissioners should expect a maximum monthly commitment of 4-10 hours


What are my expectations if I get appointed as a commissioner?

  1. Abide by the ordinance (Ord. 507) that established the HHRC.

  2. Support and embrace the work and purpose of the HHRC.

  3. Strive to attend each HHRC meeting.

  4. Participate in meeting discussions.

  5. Contribute to the completion of tasks for HHRC projects, events, initiatives, etc.

  6. Strive to attend HHRC events, projects, etc

How do I express my interest in becoming a commissioner?

Fill out the Interest Form available for download on previous page ('Get Appointed') and submit it to the Clerk's Office.

This FAQ section does not provide all inclusive information. To learn more, explore this website, review the ordinance establishing the HHRC (below), contact the HHRC and/or the City Clerk.